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Site Uploads and Changes
23.06.2017 - Amiga related stuff
Amiga Emualtor/Tool "WinUAE 3.5.0" listed in category "Amiga - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

08.04.2017 - C64 related stuff
C64 Emualtor/Tool "Vice Emulator V3.1" listed in category "C64 - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

18.03.2017 - C64 related stuff
C64 Emualtor/Tool "64COPY v4.46 BETA" listed in category "C64 - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

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Commodore News
...freshly fished out of the net...
10.02.2017 - Amiga laser tank mouse
Jesús de la Torre has developed an laser conversion kit for the Amiga tank mouse. The specifications are: Resolution up to 8500 DPI, independent resolution for X and Y axes, self-tuning and automatic sleep / wake-up funtion.

10.02.2017 - Retrohax: 1541
On the Retrohax web page you can see how to refurbish your Commodore 1541 disk drive. Retrohax cleans the drive mechanism, he de-yellows the outside and repairs the diskette lever.

10.02.2017 - ADFer v2.2
Rob Cranley release an update of ADFer. ADFer is based on ADF-Blitzer and makes it possible to transfer ADF images to and from the Amiga. Changes in this version: Support for RAD, verify, progress bar, cancel button, multi-disk writing and low memory mode (0.5 MB).

10.02.2017 - Iz8dwf - C64 - CIA #1 repair
Iz8dwf made a video of the repair a C64 with a defective CIA chip. The CIA (Complex Interface Adapter) is used in the C64 for the keyboard and the joystick.

10.02.2017 - Amiga game 2016
The results of the best Amiga game of the year 2016 are: AmigaOS 68k: Tanks Furry AmigaOS 4 1: Amiga Racer MorphOS: Amiga Racer AROS: AstroMenace The complete results are available on the Obligement web page.

10.02.2017 - AmigaRemix
You can listen to new remixes on the AmigaRemix web page. The following Amiga music is added to the web page: Parasol Stars Medley, Rings of Medusa - Distorsion mix, Sleeping Gods Lie (Intro Remix), Thunderboy Medley, X-Out - Drowning In Your Love Remix, Boil Up! Power! (Midnight Resistance Stage 1) and Robocop 3.

10.02.2017 - Antarta the Penguin - C64
Antarta the Penguin is a new SEUCK game for the Commodore C64 made by Igor Errazkin. In the game you are Antarta the penguin and must run in the annual Penguin Marathon on the island Antarctica.

10.02.2017 - Amiga Paradise
The Amiga Paradise web page preserves the musical heritage of the Commodore Amiga since 1997. On this web page you can find more than 800 game / demo music titles.

10.02.2017 - Superfluid v0.2 - C64 / Retro Replay cartridge
Superfluid is a basic extension, freezer and machine language monitor for the C64 or C128 with a Retro Replay (or compatible) cartridge. Basic extension: Function keys, ON, OFF, KILL, OLD, MON and $. Freezer: RAM, I/O registers and colour RAM.

10.02.2017 - DiagROM - Amiga CD32
DiagROM is a diagnostic tool for the Amiga computers. When you power-on your Amiga the diagnostic software will star. The diagnose software will try to send information to the serial port and the screen.

10.02.2017 - JSIDPlay2 - v3.8
JSIDPlay is a Commodore C64, cycle-exact, emulator optimized for SID sound reproduction. It is also a SID player for music collections like HVSC and CGSC.

10.02.2017 - The 8-Bit Guy - Commodore C128 restoration
The 8-Bit Guy made a video about a Commodore 128 he bought on craigslist in terrible shape. He completely restored the C128 into like-new condition.

10.02.2017 - FRGCB
FRGCB (Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog) is a web page that writes about retro games. But the difference is that this blog compares the games between the different computers like the C64, Amiga, MSX, NES, CPC, DOS, etc. The most recent comparisons are: Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (The Edge, 1987), FRGR #07: Kultakuume (Triosoft, 1986), Blades of Steel (Konami, 1987), Netherworld (Hewson Consultants, 1988), TWOFER #15: Finnish Special! and TLL (Vortex Software, 1984).

10.02.2017 - BASIC 10Liners 2017
BASIC 10Liners 2017 is a competition for making a game in BASIC with only 10 lines of code. The rules are: The computer system must be 8-bit, the BASIC is line orientated and there is no machine code allowed. There are three categories: 80, 120 or 256 characters per line.

07.02.2017 - Brotbox64 - New episode out
Brotbox64 is a podcast (German language) about the Commodore C64 made by Philipp Lehmann. In this episode: Brotbox News, New in the collection, Sightings in the (e)bay, Software: missing rounds in strategy games, The Brotbox game, Review - Turbo Chameleon 64, Interview: ZeHa interviews DeSegi, Dusty sites, SID of the month: Fanta - Deep, SID story - Jim Morrison and me.

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Site Blog
...from time to time, some thoughts need to get out...
Farewell Patrick!
Author: Zeldin - written on 31.12.2014

Axis/Cascade is no more. We are all still shaken by the unexpected death of our friend and group mate Patrick aka Axis/Cascade. We wanted to express our sorrow, so I coded a little intro, which you can find in the C64 demo section of this page. The following text is a rough excerpt taken from the scroller:

Dear Patrick, may this be the condolence from the the group that was co-founded by you long time ago. We want to give you our last salute. I (Zeldin) know how much you were breathing the spirit of the scene. That's why I thought a goodbye demo would have made you happy. You and me exchanged lots of mails about how much we both enjoyed the good ol' days and of course: how much we miss them... It was this tie that emotionally connected us for over 15 years. Thanks for all your help in supporting the group and your indefatigable endeavour in spreading our name. Your tattoos were legendary! Thanks for your work on fb and youtube. Your channels were appreciated by a lot of people. Thanks for being such a good chap. You'll be sorely missed!!!

Mach's gut, Patrick... den Adler im Herzen, sge4ever!
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